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Studienkolleg Germany • Berlin & Bonn

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Studienkolleg Germany in Berlin & Bonn, M-Course, T-Course, W-Course


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M • T • W Course

Students at Studienkolleg in Germany

M-Course prepares students for university studies in Germany in the fields of medicine, biology and pharmacy.

Subjects of M-Course:

  • German

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics


​​After successfully graduating from our Studienkolleg in Berlin or Bonn students will obtain a certificate and be able to pass the governmental examination FSP and proceed to the public German universities.

T-Course is the perfect preparation for international students who aim to study a university degree in Germany either in technical fields (such as engineering or IT/computer sciences), natural sciences or mathematics.


Subjects of T-Course:

  • German

  • Mathematics

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

Our Studienkolleg facilities are located in central areas of Berlin and Bonn. Students who successfully graduated from our Studienkolleg will be able to apply to public universities all over Germany!

W-Course is required for students who intend to study bachelor in economics, business-administration or social studies at a German university.


Subjects of W-Course:

  • German

  • Mathematics

  • Economics

  • English

Business Studies in Germany are on the rise as more and more international students seek to achieve a degree from one of the famous universities in Germany. Through our Studienkolleg students have the chance to get into the top ranking public universities.

Applications to our Studienkolleg are possible all year long for either winter- or summersemester.

We invite our students with a conditional admission to our Studienkolleg and send them to your home country by UPS Express.

This way we support you with your application for German student visa.

The tuition fees for the full course are 5900€ and cover both semesters plus books and certificate.

Students who did not yet learn German may book the language course at Schiller Language School and will receive a combined invitation package for German student visa application.

Prepare for bachelor studies in Germany

Studienkolleg in Bonn and Berlin prepares international students for their bachelor studies in Germany.

Through our M-Course, T-Course and W-Course students receive the required knowledge to successfully pass the entrance governmental examination FSP.

All Studienkolleg-courses take approx. 10 months and start is possible during each winter-semester or summer-semester.

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